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Name Theme Activity Task/Link Exchange 8th Grade 3rd Grade
Loop 1:  The Village
Library Reading and access to books; writing about childhood Discuss two centuries of town library; Skit based on G. W.  Frosst's adventures Return library book/ pay for card; Explain GWF left SB at 19, 1 year later Young born across street Pay 5 cents for one week's use of library  6 2
Young House (Part 1) Family life in 1850s; Young friendship Meet Young family (4 characters) and young Jewett c. 1856; Skit about play and household chores, friendship   None 4 2
Young House (Part 2) Enduring friendship; Neighborhood changes Skit based on story of fire of 1870 told by Young and Jewett, c. 1885, demonstrating enduring friendship Shell peas on porch to preserve them for winter; Show photo of SOJ as girl, compare to Brookings Earn 10 cents for chore 4 0
Brookings Photo Studio Continutiy of identity; Techological change Learn about early photo studios, have class photo taken the old-fashioned way Have a class portrait taken Pay 10 cents for portrait 4 2
Newichawanick Hall Entertainment Learn about varied activities that took place here. Watch the show! Pay 10 cents admission 10+ 4
McIntire Hardware Store Commerce Shop in the hardware store Weigh and measure nails; sweep store Earn 10 cents for work 6 2
Raynes School Education Participate in 1880s school lessons Recite lesson for Miss Raynes; do math on slates; stack wood for stove; fetch water "from the well"for teapot Get bill for next term 6 2
Jewett-Eastman House Family life; Childhood in 1850s Read "Katy's Birthday" by SOJ Deliver basket of tarts to Aunt Phebe None 6 2
Jewett House Local author's childhood Tour SOJ House and find items linked to story Deliver book to Library Earn 10 cents for chore 6 2
Quamphegan Park Leisure and recreation  Experience an old-fashioned amusement park Bicycle demo; Silent movie; Penny arcade; Picnic games (sack race, egg race); pay for ticket Buy trolley ticket 5 cents each child 20 4

Swasey House (PRE-K and KINDERGARTEN)

Family life a century ago; Children's chores at home Meet Swasey family (6, including 2 sons, 1 daughter age 4) and Knight family (4),  Three stations: chicken pen, play yard, and packing for summer Feed chickens; play hopscotch or kick the can with Cora; sample pickles and pack trunk for QP with Mrs. Swasey NA 6 2
Loop 2: The Point
Soucy House Immigration, Interdependence, Ethnicity Learn about contribution of children to household (work, chores); learn French words; laundry relay game Deliver clean apron from Philomene Soucy to Patrick Cauley NA 6 2
Cauley Confectionery Immigration, Interdependence,  Commerce Skit about multi-generations in one home, home-based business; sample fudge Order beans and brown bread for Delia Cauley from Joseph Roberge NA 6 2
Roberge Bakery Commerce, Interdependence, Labor Skit or activity about family business, role of bakery in community, children's work; help to knead bread or cut cookie dough; sample donuts Deliver bread to boarding house NA 6 2
Provensal Store Immigration, Commerce, Local economy  Skit about mill workers shopping for summer hats Get measured for a new hat NA 6 0
Mill: Making Cloth Production, Factory system, Regulation of time, Technology Learn about stages of cloth production (bale to bolt) from the overseer and pickers; watch weaving demonstration Ring the mill bell; deliver a message from overseer to spinning room NA 6 2
Mill: Factory Work Labor, Working conditions Meet mill girls in spinning room; learn about work conditions and job of doffer; race to fill bobbin reel. Deliver message to boarding house owner NA 8 2
Salmon Falls Village Local economy, Industrialization, Built Environment Tour of the town with local characters: agent's wife (Mrs. Brown); firemen; farmer; banker; Dr. Nutter Ask directions to boarding house NA 8 0
Boarding House Worker's living conditions, Regulation of time, Family life Skit about boarding house life by owner, kitchen workers, hired hand; race to set table for supper Get to work in the mill on time NA 6 0
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